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OCSD Sanctioned CCW Class

Artemis offers three ways to satisfy the CCW requirements for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. 

  1. 2-Day, 16 hour training on select Saturday/Sundays from 9AM-5PM ($220)
  2. 1-Day, Semi-Private training on select Wednesdays from 8AM-5PM ($400)
  3. 1-Day, Private training on select Tuesdays from 8AM-5PM ($650)

All training begins at our Lake Forest training facility with the use of the classroom and lab.  The live proficiency demonstration and qualification shoot occurs at the Prado Olympic Shooting Park (20 minutes from Artemis via toll 241).  

The CCW class has the following modules:

  • Developing a Personal & Home Plan (Classroom)
  • Firearms Basics (Classroom)
  • Firearms Manipulation & Fundamentals (Artemis Lab)
  • Shooting under Stress (Artemis Lab)
  • Live Fire Proficiency Demonstration (Prado Olympic Shooting Park)
  • Discussion on Policy 218 (Classroom)

NOT LOOKING FOR THE CCW CLASS?  We have the following classes that may satisfy your needs.

  • PRE CCW - A free 2 hours class that will provide a historic overview of how we got to where we are today.  We will review the process with you and share tips that will offer a smoother process.  REGISTER FOR PRE-CCW
  • POST CCW Class - This class lead by a law enforcement officer and an attorney will give you the opportunity to "react" in a scenario that is as real as it gets.  Each student will get a personalized debrief with pros/cons of how the scenario was handles. REGISTER FOR POST CCW
  • ADD-A-GUN / MODIFICATION -  the firearms on your license - You may elect to have an UNLIMITED amount of handguns listed on your CCW license... At the time of your training and demonstration, you may qualify all handguns at no additional cost.  If you qualify one (1) or two (2) of your handguns and decide to ADD ON / MODIFY at another time, you may do so at a nominal fee on a Sunday when Artemis is scheduled at the range.  
  • CCW RENEWAL CLASS - For those of you who are in need of renewing your CCW license.  This four hour class is sanctioned by the Orange County Sheriff's Department... and should be taken within three months of  your expiration date.  Register for the live shoot qualification at no charge then register for the classroom component of the training where.  You must complete both before a certificate of completion will be given to you. REGISTER FOR THE CCW RENEWAL
  • MULTI-STATE CCW - The multi-state CCW class is currently offered as an Add-On to our CCW classes or as a private session for those who have already received their CCW training through the Artemis Defense Institute.  In many cases, this add on is available to complete during a CCW class. To get a CCW Permit for Arizona, Utah or Florida, please give us a call to find out more information. For Multi-State CCW Students that completed their training, please click here for your training guides....

  • CCW REFRESHER SHOOT - This shoot is for those who have already gone through the CCW program and want to go through the tactical shooting aspect of the program as a refresher course.  You may go through this shoot to add a gun to your current CCW.  Please watch your email... as seats open up in conjunction to the current CCW class and maxes out at 18.


To learn about the legislative and judicial events that lead up to the issuance of CCW's, CLICK HERE

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