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LADIES NIGHT... is now the 3rd Thursday of the month!

Reserve your seats for Ladies Night...

All Ladies' night begin in the classroom with a lecture requested by our female members.  Staci adorns us with yummy snacks to keep any jitters away... and the first hour and half is full of information.  By 7:30pm, most of the attendees head into the lab... while the newbies get hands on training on the following prior to joining the rest of the group:
  • firearm safety rules
  • basic nomenclature
  • stance / grip / sight alignment / sight picture / five count presentation / trigger press
Wear sturdy pants, ladies! We will be doing a lot of holster work. I also live for yoga pants, but that's just not ideal for what we'll be doing. (Help me with a head count so I can adjust the course of fire in advanced! Please RSVP or verify that I have done so for you already! - You can also reply to this email and let me know that way.)

We are always looking to bring in new speakers, if you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Staci.  We are also working on a live shoot for our ladies... but we need you all shooting with us in our lab, so that you may receive clearance to join us!

Call (949) 305-6586 and JOIN US or Register online now!



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